Virgin Voyages Comedy Fest
Jun 21, 2024

Get ready to laugh your aft off aboard Virgin Voyages Comedy Fest.

Our first-ever comedy fest is setting sail from Portsmouth.

Virgin Voyages
Jun 18, 2024
Travel Plans

Sail into summer with June cruises and deals.

Forget the song of the summer. At Virgin Voyages, we’re all about the sail of the summer.

World Ocean Day Virgin Voyages
Jun 07, 2024

Virgin Voyages is celebrating World Oceans Day.

We’re honoring the world’s oceans with a permanent new art installation made entirely of ocean plastics.

Solo sailing for women on Virgin Voyages
Jun 05, 2024
Travel Plans

Solo sailing for women on Virgin Voyages: mix, mingle, and meet new friends.

Sailing solo doesn’t mean being alone. Prepare to mix and mingle with other Sailors and make tons of new friends.

Plan a Family Reunion Cruise
May 31, 2024
Things To Do

10 easy steps to plan an epic family reunion cruise.

Get the whole family together and set sail for a bonding experience like no other.

Virgin Voyages best cruises for single adults
May 28, 2024
Travel Plans

Sail solo on Virgin Voyages, one of the best cruises for single adults.

Single or just need some alone time? Welcome aboard…

Valiant Summer Sea Pass
May 16, 2024

Summer Season Pass now cruising the Caribbean.

Summer Season Pass — your chance to shake up your work from home set up.

Ring in Pride Month with a LGBTQ+-friendly cruise
May 13, 2024
Travel Plans

Ring in Pride Month with a LGBTQ+-friendly cruise.

From our onboard social events to gay-friendly destinations, our LGBTQ+ cruises are unmatched.

Driving to PortMiami, Terminal V
May 10, 2024
Things To Do

By land and by sea: the best way to road trip to Miami for a cruise vacation.

There’s no better way to get excited for your cruise vacation than by taking an epic road trip to the port.

Best vacation destinations to travel to
May 08, 2024
Travel Plans

Kick off summer with an epic May cruise.

“It’s gonna be May” is behind us. Now it is May, and it’s time to plan your summer kickoff cruise.

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