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February is the best month to cruise, for your beach daydreams as well as your budget.

Escape winter with a budget-friendly February cruise.

February Cruise Deals at Virgin Voyages

At first glance, February doesn’t exactly scream “travel month”. It’s cold, and there are no fun holidays except Valentine’s Day, which you might not even celebrate. Turns out, that’s exactly what makes February such a great month to travel. When’s a better time to plan a tropical escape than in the heart of winter? When’s more fitting to take an amorous couples getaway, or a solo trip to forget your romantic woes, than over Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re looking to escape the cold, celebrate an occasion, craving an adults only cruise vacation, or just taking advantage of our cruise deals, February cruises are the best way to pass the winter doldrums.

February Cruise Deals at Virgin Voyages

Can’t-miss February cruise deals

Besides simply escaping the weather back home, February is also loaded with unmissable limited-time offers that make cruising too tantalizing to pass up. Whether it’s adding some romantic flavor to your voyage or our tempting drink offers, our February deals are giving you that extra nudge to book.

Some of Our Best Deals: 

  • Our Most Inclusive Offer - Our limited-time February offer, bookable through February 29th, gives you 65% off your second Sailor, and up to $500 in premium drinks per cabin, varying by the length of your sailing. And when you factor in our Fair and Flexible Rates, which include WiFi, basic bevs, food at our 20+ eateries, and workout classes, there’s simply no better value at sea. 
  • Splash of Romance - Let us make your special occasion even more special with our Splash of Romance package. You’ll get priority boarding, curated daily cold-pressed juices, two 3-hour thermal spa passes, champagne, small bites, and more, elevating your voyage with a layer of sultry sophistication.
  • Book Now. Pay Later. - Even if you’re entering the new year with a slightly tighter budget, that doesn’t mean you have to put travel on hold. That’s why we offer 0% APR with no money required at the time of booking, and a flexible monthly payment plan so you can pay at your own pace. 
February Cruise Deals at Virgin Voyages

When’s the best time to book and save money on a February cruise?

With February falling in the beginning of the year, and during wave season, you'll find the best cruise deals throughout February for saving on your next cruise vacation. There’s nothing wrong with booking a cruise at the last minute in February. Actually, last-minute cruises can be some of the best values out there, as long as you don’t mind a little spontaneity. But booking last minute doesn’t mean booking without a strategy, or without doing any research. 

Besides obvious occasions like celebrating a birthday or Valentine’s Day, the best time to book a cruise is always whenever the best cruise deals are available. In this case, that means through February 29th, when our Most Inclusive Offer is running, saving you 65% off your second Sailor and earning you free drinks. You should also have a clear idea in your head of what you’re looking for in a cruise vacation before pulling the trigger, including the length of your voyage, what cultures and landscapes you’re interested in exploring, the type of cabin you want, and the best homeport for your departure. 

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February Cruise Deals at Virgin Voyages

The best places to travel in February

Nothing beats the Caribbean in February. That’s why we offer several luxury cruises to help you escape the winter cold, and sail to some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful ports. 

  • 7 Day Cruise to Aruba - The Southern Caribbean is calling on this 7-night voyage from San Juan. Visit Aruba, Curaçao, Martinique, St. Kitts & Nevis, and the unique half-lush, half-desert island of Aruba. True to the voyage’s name, a late stay in Aruba means you can end the day on shore with a sunset cocktail.  
  • 4 Day Cruise to Bimini - When you’re sitting inside on a cold day daydreaming of summer, chances are you’re daydreaming about Bimini. Virgin Voyages Beach Club at Bimini is a relaxed pool party, complete with DJ sets, beach loungers, pool floaties, and tasty bites and bevs.
  • Cruise to St. Kitts - St. Kitts and Nevis is known for its French influences, pristine beaches, and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy panoramic (and romantic) island views from the railway (an old sugar cane train), go hiking at Mount Liamuiga Volcano, or take a speedboat and snorkeling tour of the island’s coast.
  • 4 Day Cruise to Key West - You don’t need a whole week to make epic vacation memories. On this 4-night voyage, you’ll head to Key West and Bimini Beach Club for all the tropical vibes you’ll ever need. And once it’s over, you’ll go home feeling refreshed, relaxed, and most importantly, tan. 
  • Cruise to Cozumel (Playa del Carmen), Mexico - Playa del Carmen is the destination that has it all: white sand beaches, colorful reefs, a bohemian culture, ancient history, and diverse marine life. The only problem is: will you have enough time to see it all?

Celebrate on Virgin Voyages to take the party to the next level 

Whether it’s a bachelorette party, birthday, double date for Valentine’s Day, or just a regular old friends trip, our cruises are the perfect venue for celebrating good times. From Scarlet Night – the night everyone dresses in red and jumps in the pool – to our bookable karaoke rooms, and rocking Manor nightclub, our cruise ships are designed for celebrations. Add a Splash for Your Bash to take the party to an even more epic level. You’ll get bottomless brunch at The Wake or Razzle Dazzle, and a group dinner party with a selection of curated beverages and desserts – available for parties from two to nine cabins. 

Here’s Your Sign to Travel, Take Advantage of February Cruise Deals

Let’s face it – most people have already broken their New Year’s travel resolutions. Well, if you resolved to travel more in the new year, to try new experiences, and meet new people, we want to help you reach those goals. With our stellar deals on affordable luxury cruises, we’re making February the month for cruise travel. Even if you haven’t booked yet, it’s never too late for a spontaneous jaunt to paradise – especially with deals like 65% off your second Sailor, and free drinks. So add a little adventure to your relationship this Valentine's Day, step outside your comfort zone as a solo Sailor, and fulfill those luxury travel resolutions you’ve been putting off since 2023. 

Level up your winter by booking a February cruise.

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